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Hello and welcome! 

When you need an experienced, professional, marketing strategist to guide your business/organization, 

I’m your forward-thinking solution!

I am an entrepreneur, a small business owner, and a marketing executive who will capture, design, evaluate, and competitively-position your brand (your company’s identity/reputation) in the marketplace by initially-determining its value, or equity, if any, and who will also re-position your brand, if needed, in order to increase customer awareness and overall-satisfaction with your products and services.

I design, develop, manage, and execute actionable strategies to promote brand awareness and positioning. I align internal communications with strategic goals, and I synergize the ongoing integration of technology with your current needs. 

To do this, I use traditional and digital marketing strategies, communication plans, media relations, public affairs, web content development tools, and brand/reputation building and positioning.

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