Joseph Bury
President & CEO
Joseph Bury Marketing
10110 Colechester Street
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22408


Forward-thinking marketing, communications, and website development professional offers to design, develop, manage, and execute actionable strategies to promote brand awareness and positioning, align internal programming
with strategic goals, and synergize the ongoing integration of technology with current needs.


  • Accomplished in steering high-level marketing, communications, advertising, website development, and sales initiatives for diverse organizations across multiple industries, including banking/finance, high-tech, government contracting/defense, pharmaceuticals, non-profit, and publishing.

  • Multifaceted insight derived from experiences as business owner, marketing director, website manager/managing editor, director of corporate communications, and writer/editor.

  • Influential communicator with strong interpersonal skills to lead productive negotiations, forge mutually beneficial media relationships, strengthen strategic partner alliances, and build customer relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

  • Business-minded manager; effective in delivering on-target projects in line with client requirements and defined budgets.

  • Renowned for integrity, passion, and tenacity, combined with creativity and innovative vision.

  • Currently holds “InActive” U.S. Government, Department of Defense, “Secret” Security Clearance.


Core Competencies


• Negotiations • Problem Solving • Organizational/Consumer Communications & Research • eCommerce Strategy •

• Strategic Marketing and Corporate Communications Planning & Execution • Writing/Editing • Media Relations •

• Web Marketing • Branding • Media Outreach & Publicity • Website Design/Development/Management •

• Press Releases & Media Outreach • Design and Development of Print & Web Marketing Collateral •

• Technical Writing • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Customer Acquisition & Retention •


Select Career Highlights



  • Directed media outreach and publicity initiatives for a nationwide faith-based nonprofit group – optimized the visibility of the organization by securing press coverage from major market media outlets: newspapers (NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune); magazines (Forbes, Newsday); nationally televised network programs (MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews).

  • Authored technical and white papers for global and national companies – contributed to environmental planning and feasibility studies for a major construction project in Africa in support of architectural/engineering firm (Louis Berger Group, Inc.); played a pivotal role in the preparation of Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), Internal Scoping Report (ISR), and Commercial Services Plans/Environmental Assessment (CSP/EA) for the National Museum of African American History, Everglades National Park in Florida, and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

  • Participated proactively in Classified DoD team efforts, including RFP-responses for new embassy compound in Baghdad and Navy ops center facility maintenance contract, and Encroachment Action Plan (EAP) for Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC) in California.



  • Facilitated software application releases on major DoD command and control acquisition programs (i.e., NECC and the U.S. Army Reserve/National Guard Readiness Program) by providing precision-level technical writing, substantive and copy editing, proposal development, and other documentation-specific services.


  • Set framework to accelerate sales growth via cost-effective initiatives which capitalized on untapped market opportunities with the development of comprehensive strategic marketing plan; encompassing business development, prospecting, event marketing, direct marketing, Web marketing, and partner alliance strategies.

  • Turned into a sales-producing Web destination by using state-of-art-features and by making key content, navigational, and layout improvements; conceived the vision and launched the new website within 90 days of start date on a budget of less than $4K.

  • Strengthened customer acquisition and retention and positioned the website as the primary go-to source by targeted audience – boosted the average monthly hits 148-fold and unique visitors 59-fold; as well as skyrocketing the number of daily hits from 26 to 8,249.

  • Negotiated and closed win-win corporate sponsor agreement with Glaceau Vitamin Water to furnish donated products for golf tournament; achieved business development goals.

  • Authored partnership proposals which led to next-stage presentations – captured ongoing interest from Fortune 500 companies (e.g., Anheuser-Busch, Miller Brewing, Coca-Cola/Dasani); discussed meeting with prospective partners to pitch future tournament sponsorships and to gain a share of relationship-marketing budgets.



  • Identified for leadership and received key promotion, from Web Editor / Editor (1/2001 to 5/2003) to Website Manager 5/2003 to 5/2004).

  • Delivered breakthrough results as the organization’s first Website Manager and Editor, including revitalizing brand awareness and bolstering the growth, visibility, and quality enhancement of the association’s Web presence; facilitated access to internal brochures and centers of information for all PDA meetings via creation of branded intranet sites.

  • Drove eCommerce strategy that resulted in increased Web revenues year-over-year; oversaw project to integrate an online event-registration system for meetings, conferences, and courses to grow revenues associated with event registrations, which ultimately comprised a dominant portion of organization’s revenues; produced an additional $100K (projected) to the bottom line by managing the development of a new e-store selling all publications.

  • Catapulted Web traffic +36% (from 8,000 to 22,000+ unique visitors per month) by leading online marketing and Web presence strategic initiatives; expanded small website to a high-impact, content-rich, 430-page “mega-site.”

  • Positioned the site favorably to achieve #1 ranking in Google searches by industry keywords; a result of a highly effective MarCom Campaign & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan that included the launch of opt-in email marketing.



  • Improved workforce performance, staff retention, and internal communications; accelerated problem resolution across geographically dispersed sites with the creation of nationwide Culture Interaction Group teleconferences; championed use of intranet for employee development and internally encouraged cross-functional training.

  • Kept military and Onyx stakeholders abreast of project progress and benchmarks as “communications central” for the Pittsburgh International Airport Air National Guard Privatization Project.

  • Forged strategic partnerships with DynCorp, Austin Construction Company, and Gilbane Companies, among others, to propel company growth.

  • Received formal recognition from key executive leaders, including the Chairman: “[Joe Bury] exemplifies the characteristics of our core culture…respect, responsiveness, team collaboration and synergy, an attitude of excellence, and professional integrity.”

  • Restored profitability after uncovering redundancies/inefficiencies through comprehensive workflow/process analysis and developed new matrix system and organizational structure based on the research; commended by CEO for the effort.
    company growth.

  • Marketing Legalities: Handled legal issues as the primary corporate liaison between Onyx and outside counsel.


Professional Experience


JOSEPH BURY MARKETING, Springfield, Virginia and Fredericksburg, Virginia • 8/2006 – Present

Provider of editorial, writing, content development, marketing, communications, and Website consulting

expertise and services to business of all sizes.


Owner/Principal/Consultant: Utilized 10+ years of professional experience to deliver expertise to clients in diverse markets and industries, specializing in the development of revenue-driving marketing strategies, campaigns, and collateral for print and Web delivery. Leveraged advanced creative, analytical, technical, and communication strengths, combined with experience in meeting tight deadlines and budgets with premium-quality deliverables.


Select JOSEPH BURY MARKETING consulting experience follows:



The law firm focuses on intellectual property, Internet, and business law.


Consultant: Provided Web-related support to the firm including editorial, writing, and content development.


HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES [HHS], Washington, DC •  4/2010 – 6/2010

The U.S. government's principal agency for protecting the health of all Americans and providing essential human services.


Consultant: Provided optimal support to the Secure One HHS Cybersecurity Program in the areas of editorial, writing, and legislative analysis consulting.


SAIC [SCIENCE APPLICATIONS INT’L CORP], Falls Church, Virginia •  1/2008 – 12/2009

$9B leading systems, solutions, and technical services company; the Defense Solutions Group at SAIC provides Engineering & Integration, Command & Control (C2) solutions to the Department of Defense (DoD).


Consulting Technical Writer/Editor/Documentation Manager: Collaborated with Project Engineers to design, maintain, and deploy various IT, communications, and electronic security systems.


GOLFSTYLES MAGAZINE, Washington, DC • 10/2004 – 5/2006

Regional golf magazine published in four major Eastern and Midwestern U.S. markets.


Marketing Director: Challenged to revamp all aspects of traditional and online marketing strategy (including major website redesign) to grow revenues, enhance market positioning/publication image/subscriber base, and extend company brand. Also developed and rallied sales force to drive strong market growth.


  • Formed strategic business alliances to ensure success of self-developed marketing campaigns, including creating key partnership alliances enabling golfers to subscribe to online content with one-click tee-time scheduling and online golf-handicapping services along with personalized, direct-mail marketing programs precisely-targeted to advertiser specifications.

  • Contributed to high-impact sales presentations and demonstrated ROI of company’s new electronic media offerings, facilitating closure of major contract advertising deals valued at the time at $40K+ each.

  • Maximized the success of media relations to capture thousands of dollars in earned media coverage at no cost to company – closed agreements with local radio/TV and well-known media personalities to promote GolfStyles’ tournaments, publications, website, and supported charities during weather broadcasts and key drive-times.


PARENTERAL DRUG ASSOCIATION (PDA), Bethesda, Maryland • 1/2001 – 5/2004

Non-profit international association of 10,500+ scientists involved in the development, manufacture, quality control, and regulation of pharmaceuticals/biopharmaceuticals and related products.


Website Manager (5/2003 – 5/2004) / Web Editor – Editor (1/2001 – 5/2003): Spearheaded all areas of design, execution, management, and evaluation of online marketing strategies. Fostered cross-functional collaboration, orchestrated IT, marketing, communications, and business activities in support of marketing initiatives. Provided team leadership; overseeing analysis of existing websites, compilation of status reports, competitive research, and creation of comprehensive marketing strategies. Wrote a wide range of marketing collateral, including press releases, sales pieces, and corporate content for print and Web use.

  • Introduced market research analysis to uncover trends and optimized the website with search engine submissions.

  • Established tracking mechanisms to facilitate analysis of mass mail campaigns and website visitor behavior in order to identify areas that would maximize the effectiveness/response-rates of communication and promotional campaigns.

  • Led development of monthly, four-color, 48-page, glossy technical publication, the PDA Letter, as Editor-in-Chief.


THE ONYX GROUP, Alexandria, Virginia • 2/1997 – 1/2000

$9 million high-technology company providing computer-aided architecture, engineering, planning, and Facilities Information Management Systems (FIMS) solutions to the DoD.


Director of Corporate Communications (5/1998 – 1/2000) / Technical Writer / Editor (2/1997 –  5/1998): Provided direction to a dynamic team, including a technical manager and administrative staff; reporting directly to the Chairman. Enabled new ideas to come to fruition by serving as the Chairman’s “sounding board.” Issued press releases and related public documents.


  • Led efforts to enhance internal and public perception of the company via diverse communication tools.

  • Elevated the company’s dedication to corporate objectives by implementing core mission-critical values in the business plan and instituting supportive programs that facilitated goal attainment.

  • Pinpointed unmet consumer needs, capitalized on new opportunities, and analyzed costs/benefits/impacts of proposed spin-off through market/environmental research, competitor analysis, and pricing studies.




MBA, Management Systems & Cybernetics, THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY, Washington, D.C.

BA, English, UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME, Notre Dame, Indiana 


Legal coursework (contract, criminal, property, and constitutional, law; legal writing and civil & criminal procedure) completed at:





Technical training included:


Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) | Certifications earned in I-Net+, Website Design, and E-commerce



Project Management for Web Development & Strategic Writing | Dreamweaver I, II, & Fireworks I 

EEI Communications, Alexandria, Virginia


Broadcast training included:


Media Training / Auburn Media, New York, New York | Producer Training / Television News Center, Rockville, Maryland  | Anchor Training / Television News Center, Rockville, Maryland 



Windows/NT; Mac OS; MS Office, Dreamweaver; Fireworks; WebTrends



  • Board President, Board Secretary/Treasurer, At-Large Board Member, Covenants Committee Member, Towns at Manchester Woods (TMW) Homeowners Association, Springfield, Virginia 

  • Board Member, Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), Minority Student Achievement Oversight Committee (MSAOC), Fairfax, Virginia 

  • Board Member, FCPS Superintendent's Business and Community Advisory Council (SBCAC), Fairfax, Virginia 

  • Board Member, FCPS Adult & Community Education (ACE) Advisory Committee, Fairfax, Virginia 


  • Covenants Committee Member, Lee’s Hill South Subdivision, Fredericksburg, Virginia 

  • Knight of Columbus Member, St. Jude Catholic Church, Fredericksburg, Virginia